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"Our Christian experience is so rich and full of texture and this experience really pulls us out of our daily routine to contemplate our relationship with our God."

"What a wonderful experience. I've been through several teachings of the Tabernacle. But this was ever so moving to experience the physical tabernacle. Even in Hemet, California - I could feel the spirit of the Lord deep with in my soul. Thank you."

"Thank you so much for a very visual presentation. I'm at present doing a character study of Joshua and this certainly makes a reality of those 40 years of transit."

"You've taken what we can only imagine - and made it into something tangible...a unique and individual experience between my God and myself, his child. Thank you."

"Thank you for putting the time into making this. I've actually been reading about the Tabernacle during my devotions and thinking about how it could be replicated today. I really benefited form actually seeing it. It made me thankful for the level of intimacy we are privileged to enjoy through Christ. It was also neat to think of my prayers as rising up like incense towards God. "

"This was so beyond words I couldn't even begin to describe! I may never get to the Holy Land and I am so thankful and blessed to have experienced such a moving, emotional, 'in-depth' experience. Thank you so much.

" "We were so blessed. The anointing on this Tabernacle is so very special. We can actually say that the Lord met us here. Thank you for this special blessing of being able to experience how it used to be."

"Wow! What an experience! It makes the sacrifice of the cross even more real and profound. I am so thankful that God would make a provision for our sins."

"My favorite part was the Altar of Burnt offering. It was a blessing to see my sins burn away."

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© 2011 The Tabernacle Experience is: Personal • Intimate • Narrated • Interactive • Educational • Spiritual.
Your group can host this life transforming Spiritual journey through a full-scale replica of The Tabernacle of The Wilderness.